Seeing Is Believing - 1988

The third single to be released from the "Living Years" album. It's another track full of good spirit, and was a definite live favourite in it's day.

Track List

1: Seeing Is Believing
2: Don't

Chart Information

US - #62


I believe in Jesus
his father's only son
I do believe he sees us
with the loaded gun.

I believe in the magic
Of the Mujahedin
I still believe in Daniel Ortega
the sun in Omega, the Lord of the Rings
I believe in most everything.
I believe, I believe

I have a friend in England
who says I must escape
the meetings of Mao and Nixon
it's an old debate.

But I believe in the magic
of the King and the Queen
And I still have a young rebel's sympathy
radical symphonies still have a ring
I believe in most everything.
I believe
I fear this muddled thinking
has to go some time
I fear this sinking feeling's
not the best of signs
I feel I'm in trouble
as the Eighties close
I look to the future
I'm frightened, I'm scared U suppose.

You may think it's foolish
that I still believe in love
You laugh and you sneer
--it's cruel
It's what I'm thinking of.

I believe in the magic
in the power of the soul
one to one's my equation
that carries the nation on to the goal
we're all brothers and sisters, I'm told.

I believe, I believe, I believe in love
do you believe what you're seeing
Oh I believe in love.

I believe in love
I believe, I believe,
II believe, I believe, I believe in love.

Written by Mike Rutherford/B A. Robertson
Published by c 1988 Michael Rutherford Ltd/ R & B A Music Ltd/Hit & Run Music (Publishing) Ltd