Here we've tried to answer any technical and general questions regarding the site, which we've either assumed may be asked, or have been asked a number of times already.

Known Technical Issues

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General Questions

Q: Hey, you're using my images!

A: Whilst we have taken every care to get permission from every site we took images from, due to the large stock of images we had gathered over the years, it is entirely possible that we are using your photos without due credit. If we have used an image which you own the rights to, please contact us and we'll either remove the image, or give you the relevant credit for it.

Q: So how long did this site take to build?

A: A web designer never tells : D. In truth we've put far more time into it than was ever intended, but once things started to come together, we were just tempted to keep polishing, and adding extra features. The discography section for example, was only supposed to be a single page, with a few basic album details on it. We then thought it would be nicer to have a specific page for every album and when that was done, we thought as we've come this far, why not do a page for every song. It's been a real work of love this site, so it's not as if we've been counting the minutes (except fixing IE's catalogue of bugs - hence the Firefox link on every page!) and we just hope everyone enjoys visiting.

Q: Been Mechanics fans long then?

A: Since the "HITS" era. OK stop laughing at the back, if it exonerates at all, we're only in our mid twenties now, so I can say I've been a fan since I was 16...yup, that sounds better.

Q: Where did the idea of this site come from?

A: Well it's based on the original site by Chrischa Van de Voorde, (my partner in crime, who I met through the original Mechanics mailing list...cue violin) and when that site was pulled by her web host, it just seemed really rough that the Mechanics didn't have a real flagship web site to represent them. That's not in any way to undermine the work done by Bo Tilberg and others, but the lack of updates just means these sites get checked less and less, and so are eventually ignored. We really wanted to do something for the band which, (there's that bloody violin again) gave us so much, both musically but getting us two together (..and all that from the man who accused "Perfect Child" of being to cheesy : - )

Q: What's next for this site then?

A: Visitors we hope! In all seriousness though, updates. We fully intend to keep this site updated with all the Mechanics news we can lay our hands on, and we'll also be adding more reviews, pictures and features to the site. At the moment we've got the b-sides on our to do list, and more album reviews.

Q: The images are all quite small aren't they?

A: Yeah that was a problem. It's always nice if you can click on an image and have it enlarge, but as most of the images we've used were sourced from jpg files, most images are already at their maximum size to quality ratio.

Q: So you guys are Happy Monsters' Studios then?

A: Yup, that's us. To warrant the cost of hosting, and the time which went into creating the site, we felt it a reasonable return to simply let everyone know who created the site, so anyone who was impressed by our work, could bare us in mind for any future graphic design or web assignments. It was either that, or simply lose the cash it cost to host the site, or Google adds, so we hope nobody minds that we went with the most subtle compromise.

As an aside, if anyone does contact our business through this site, we'd love to know.

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