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Latest Article: 23/11/2010

With the recent announcement of Mike kick starting the Mechanics again with Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar, The House contacted Anderw's official website, and with the much appreciated help of Anderw's manager, Stephen Roachford ( arranged a quick interview with Andrew:

Q - Firstly, on behalf of all Mechanics fans, I'd like to welcome you to the Mechanics world. Obviously the Mechanics have been away for quite some time now, and I think many people had considered the band over and done with. Do you have any insight into what triggered Mike to bring the band back, and how you became involved with the group?

A - I cant say for sure what triggered Mike to bring back the band, but I do know that once we started writing and recording songs together it seemed like the obvious thing to do.

Q - The last album to go out under the band name was Rewired, and that was an album which made a concerted effort to get back to the band's more experimental roots. How would you describe the philosophy/sound of the new album?

A - This album has a great feel, great songs, and I think it will be one of those albums that people will want to keep playing over and over.

Q - How do you see Mike & The Mechanics as a band now? Is it the intention that this new album and tour be considered a re-start for the band, or is this considered a one off project for now?

A - When I got involved with the project I liked the fact that it was very much a project as apposed to a fixed band thing, I think we have a great chemistry working together and because of the way its structured it still allows us time to continue with our own solo projects.

Q - It seems that Van Tramp vocalist, Tim Howar, has been revealed as the second front man for the new Mechanics. How have you found working with him?

A - I love working with Tim, he is such a strong vocalist and is different in approach from me in a way that works a such a great contrast.

Q - You're obviously an established artist in your own right, with a healthy back catalogue of music to your name, so what was the appeal of working as part of the Mechanics and how do you think your fans will react?

A - I think my fans will be very curious about the new mechanics album, because I have never collaborated on an album like this before, it is something very different for me, and I will still be releasing my own album in 2011 also.

Q - How involved were you with the writing process? Was it a purely collaborative process, have you written any lyrics for the new album?

A - I would say it has been a very collaborative album, I have been involved in every aspect of the writing process, Mike wanted it to be very much a collaborative project so we all worked together on the making of this album.

Q - How are rehearsals for the live shows going? Has it been difficult to balance which songs the fans will want to hear, with which songs you're most comfortable performing?

A - The rehearsals have been a lot of fun so far, the new songs and the old songs seem to work so well together, I have been listening to some recordings from the old mechanics line up (Paul Carrack, Paul Young) and it was so amazing!! I think me and Tim Howar, will bring are own perspective to the songs, it wouldn't work otherwise. There are so many great Mechanics songs that it is difficult choosing which ones to do, but I'm sure the Mechanics fans will be very happy with the shows.

Q - Obviously there will be a lot of Mechanics fans who are now keen to hear something from Roachford, so which album would you suggest as a good starting point for the Mechanics audience. I've just ordered the 'best of' myself.

A - The 'Best of' is always a good start and then find out what album each song comes from, I find my fans have different albums that are their personal favourites.

Andrew - thanks for your time.

So there you have it, a big thanks to both Stephen and Andrew Roachford for making this interview happen, and if you'd like to buy the aforementioned 'best of' album (which I can highly recommend) then check out

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