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Mike & The Mechanics: HITS - Released March 1996

Chart Position:
UK - #3
1. All I Need Is A Miracle

2. Over My Shoulder

3. Word Of Mouth

4. Living Years

5. Another Cup Of Coffee

6. Nobody's Perfect

7. Silent Running

8. Nobody Knows

9. Get Up

10. Time And Place

11. Taken In

12. Everybody Gets A Second Chance

13. Beggar On A Beach Of Gold


Mike Rutherford*: Guitar, Bass
Paul Carrack*: Vocals
Paul Young: Vocals

Peter Van Hooke: Drums
Adrian Lee: Keyboards
Gene Stashuck: Vocals
Tim Renwick: Guitar, Bass
Steve Piggot & BA Robertson Keyboards

All tracks produced by Christopher Neil and Mike Rutherford, except:
Track 1 produced by Mike Rutherford
Tracks 7 & 11 produced by Christopher Neil
Track 10 produced by Christopher Neil, Mike Rutherford and Russ Titelman
Track 13 remixed by Nick Davis

Engineers - Simon Harrell, Nick Davis, Rob Eaton " Paul Gommersall
Assistant Engineers - Mark Robinson, Jeremy Wheatley, Shaun De Feo & Terry Irwin
Technical Assistance - Geoff Callingham and Mike Bowen Steve "Pad" Jones, Geoff "Bisson" Banks and Dale Newman

Thanks to: Tony Smith, Carol Willis Impey - Hit & Run Music

Cover Illustration by Barrie Lee Thorpe
Design by Wherefore Art?
Portrait photography by Michael Muller
Photography by Patrick Steel.


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