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Mike & The Mechanics (M6) - Released May 1999

Chart Position:
UK - #14
1. Whenever I Stop

2. Now That You've Gone

3. Ordinary Girl

4. All The Light I Need

5. What Will You Do

6. My Little Island

7. Open Up

8. When I Get Over You

9. If Only

10. Asking For The Last Time

11. Always Listen To Your Heart

12. Did You See Me Coming

13. Look Across At Dreamland


Mike Rutherford: Guitar, Bass
Paul Carrack: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Drums
Paul Young: Vocals, Percussion
Gary Wallis: Drums

Matthew Vaughan, Steve Pigott, Gary Wallis & Oscar Paul: Programming
Sharon Woolf: Backing Vocals
Simon Hale: String arrangement and conducting

Tracks 1, 3 & 9 Produced by Mike Rutherford
Track 2 Produced by Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling for METRO/Rive Droite Music Productions
Mixed by Mark Taylor
Tracks 4, 8 & 13 Produced by Mike Rutherford and Chris Neil
Tracks 5, 7 & 11 Produced by Mike Rutherford, Nick Davis and Matthew Vaughan
Tracks 6, 10 & 12 Produced by Mike Rutherford & Nick Davis

All tracks engineered and mixed by Nick Davis
Additional engineering by Ian Huffam
Except tracks 4, 13 & 8 engineered by Simon Hurrell
Track 2 engineered by Mark Taylor
All tracks recorded at Fisher Lane Farm Studios, Surrey.
Except track 2 recorded and mixed at Dreamhouse Studios, London

Special thanks to:
Tony Smith & Carol Willis Impey at hit & run Music
Geoff Callingham, Dale Newman & Mike Bowen at Fisher Lane Farm Studios
Thanks to: Paul MacDonald, Virgin Records and Atlantic Records for their continued support

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