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Word of Mouth - Released April 1991

Chart Position:
UK - #11
US - #107
1. Get up

2. Word of mouth

3. Time and place

4. Yesterday today tomorrow

5. Way you look at me

6. Everybody gets a second chance

7. Stop baby

8. My crime of passion

9. Let's pretend it didn't happen

10. Before the next heartache falls


Mike Rutherford: Guitar, Bass
Peter Van Hooke: Drums
Paul Carrack: Vocals & Keyboards
Adrian Lee: Keyboards
Paul Young: Vocals

Tim Renwick: Guitars
Steve Piggot: Keyboards
Phil Todd: Saxophone
Martin Ditcham: Percussion
Pino Paladino: Bass
Ian Wherry: Keyboards
London Community Gospel Choir: Backing on Vocals on "Before (The Next Heartache Falls)"
Kitson Hall Audience: on "Word Of Mouth"
Produced by Christopher Neil & Mike Rutherford
Produced by Christopher Neil & Mike Rutherford and Russ Titelman
Recorded " Mixed by Rob Eaton
Assisted by Mark Robinson Jeremy Wheatley Shaun De Fee
Technical Assistance Geoff Callingham, Mike Bowen

Thanks to:

At the Farm Dale Newman Equipment Steve Jones, Angela Jewel
At the Office Tony Smith, Carol Willis Impey, Vicky Andrews
Coordination Patrick Williams
Recorded at The Farm, Surrey Olympic Studios, London
Mastered by Ted Jensen Sterling Sound
Photography by Mike Owen Design and Art Direction by Icon


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