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The Living Years - Released November 1988

Chart Position:
UK - #2
US - #13
1. Nobody's Perfect

2. The Living Years

3. Seeing is Believing

4. Nobody Knows

5. Poor Boy Down

6. Blame

7. Don't

8. Black and Blue

9. Beautiful Day

10. Why Me


Mike Rutherford: Guitar Bass
Paul Carrack: Vocals
Paul Young: Vocals
Adrian Lee: Keyboards
Peter Van Hooke: Drums

Alan Murphy: Guitar
Louis Jardin, Martin Ditcham: Percussion
Sal Gallina: Yamaha WX7
Alan Carvell, Chris Neil, P Carrack, P Young: Backing Vocals
King's House School Choir led by the late Michael Stuckey

Black & Blue Riff played by Phil Collins & Mike Rutherford
Recorded by Tony Banks
Additional keyboards B.A. Robertson

Recorded at The Farm, Surrey. April 18th - August 18th 1988
Engineered by NICK DAVIS
Assisted by Paul Gumersall, Terry Irwin
Technical Assistance Geoff Callingham, Mike Bowen

Thanks to:
At the Studio Dale Newman, Steve Jones, Angela Jewel
Thanks to At the Office Tony Smith, Carol Willis Impey, Vicky Andrews
Especially to Angie
Sleeve Design Halpin Grey Vermeir
Black & White Photography Geoff Halpin
Colour Portraits John Swannell


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